Signature questions

Signature questions

Here are a few examples of our signature questions that make our quiz the greatest of all time!


We play a well-known song but in reverse! You guess the track. We go across ALL genres and decades. Test your musical ears!!

The Liam Neeson ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are…’ face merge

We merge a different celebrity's face with Liam Neeson's which prompts him to say his most famous phrase!

Pixel Face!

We take a well-known face, whether it be a celebrity or a film character and pixelate it. It's up to you to guess who it is!

Golden Question

An ‘Instant Prize’ question. Who can answer first?! Even if you're terrible at trivia, you can still win something!

What’s Happening?

A group of current events questions. We like to keep things fresh and reward those keeping up with what's happening on Planet Earth.

Still don’t understand?

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