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🎨 Paint & Sip 🍷

Consider yourself a bit of an artist? 

Want to rediscover painting? Or maybe just try a new hobby?

In our wonderful Paint & Sip event, you are guided through every step of the project by our expert artist. Select your team’s design in advance and we will ship out all of the materials for everyone to create their own masterpiece! 

While you create your masterpiece, sip on your favourite brew, coffee, or a cheeky cocktail or two…. 

This event is perfect for groups of all sizes and the perfect afternoon treat to any team!

Why not try our Paint & Sip Mixology Combo?

A short Mixology workshop before your Painting workshop is the perfect add-on! Create the drinks to sip on while you paint! 

*Please note that this event is currently only available in certain regions.

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