How it works!

Evenchilada uses a unique 3-stage approach to our team building process. 

Stage 1: Icebreaker

A light, 15 - 20-minute fun activity to get things started. This is designed to get to know your teammates a little bit better, so it’s great for new team members. Still, even people who have worked together for years will learn something new!

Stage 2: Teamwork Exercise

A 30 - 45-minute problem-solving exercise. This is the main focus of the overall event designed to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. They will need to work together (or against each other) to reach the desired goal.  

Stage 3: Evenchilada Event

Introduce a little friendly competition into your team building experience with a fun 15 - 20-minute version of an Evenchilada signature event like a mini-quiz or a quick round of music bingo to wrap things up!

Evenchilada team building activities lead to team success by helping to create a strong bond between team members!

Maybe include a “Side Dish” to enhance your event!
Evenchilada Feature Event

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Team Building

Our team building activities are a great way for your team to get to know each other by familiarizing themselves with each other’s strengths and weaknesses while working together to achieve a common goal. Then to ‘cool’ down by playing one of Evenchilada’s signature games. We’re confident that our unique in-person or virtual team building event will be a fantastic and effective way to bring your team together. 

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Alex was great! She was engaging, respectful, and energetic. The time flew by and she gave everyone space to participate however they were comfortable. She was fantastic!!
The team-building piece was great, allowing our team to talk in small groups and the ice breaker was great. We got all we wanted out of the event.
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Team Building

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Timeline for a standard event
Intro & Icebreakers
20 minutes
Teamwork Exercise
45 minutes
Mini-Evenchilada Event
20 minutes
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