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Evenchilada 6-pack

If you book 6 trivia events (in-person, hybrid, or virtual events) with us you will receive a sizeable discount of the overall price! You can break up the 6 events in any way you’d like. So if you want a daily, monthly, weekly, biweekly (not yearly!) event for a great price, you can do that!

You and your team can enjoy our popular trivia event, or survival trivia, and you will still have some cash left over for pizza and a 6-pack of...something else!

Evenchilada’s 6-pack also features an amazing performer that will not only keep you entertained but will be fully prepared to use your video conferencing platform of choice, whether it be Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. If you have a different online conferencing platform that you prefer, let us know and we will be sure to familiarize ourselves with it ahead of time.

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