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Evenchilada is so flexible we should be called ‘event contortionists’! We offer nearly all of our events virtually, in person, or both, at any time of day or night anywhere in the world. Our ‘Choose Your Own’ option is one of the many things that makes us so unique.

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How it works!

Step 1:

When you visit our booking page, select ‘Choose Your Own’ then tell us which games you’d like to combine for your perfect event! You have several options. Simply choose a ‘Main Course’ then one or two ‘Side Dishes’. You could even have an event made up completely of Side Dishes!

Step 2: 

We will send you a personalized set of instructions for you to send to your co-workers so they can prepare for whichever amazing combination you chose!

Step 3:

If you're playing a virtual event, get yourself a drink and a comfy chair then log into your virtual conferencing platform of choice. If you’re in person you just need to worry about the refreshing drink and we’ll take care of everything else!

Step 4:

Enjoy the event!

What you need for virtual events:
  • A computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to our scoring platform (depending on the event)
  • A tasty drink and maybe a snack

Maybe include a prize or food & drink “Side Dish” to enhance your event!
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Choose Your Own

It’s like ordering a la carte at one of your favorite restaurants. Do you want some trivia with your music bingo? No problem! Do you want a short round of music bingo after your murder mystery? We can do that! How about a magic show with some Fictionary at the beginning. We are practically salivating at the thought of this awesome Combo event! 

Choosing Your Own Evenchilada event combo is a great way for your remote team, or back at work team to experience some truly unique fun to bond with each other after work hours. 

Main Courses:
  • Quiz
  • Music Bingo
  • Quiz Bingo
  • Games Night
  • Workshop
  • Comedy Night
  • Magic Show
  • Murder Mystery

Side Dishes:
  • Mini Quiz
  • Mini Bingo
  • Mini Quiz Bingo
  • Plot Twist!
  • Fictionary
  • Pictionary
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Wiki Games
  • Fact or Fiction?
  • Guess Who?
  • Short set of Comedy
  • Short Magic Show
  • Mini-Mixology Sesh
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We had a lot of fun thank you! I loved the fact everyone was being competitive so it made it even funnier!
The event was great. It really was a good time. We plan to have more in the very near future.
Poetic Digital
Our team had a great time playing Movie Quote Bingo mixed with Fictionary, which served as a fun way to keep everyone engaged in a team-building activity.
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Choose Your Own

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Timeline for a standard event
5 minutes
1st Round
20 minutes
2nd Round
20 minutes
3rd Round
20 minutes
Wrap Up
5 minutes
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