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Trivia Triple Play

This event is perfect for hardcore trivia fans that are tired of the same old trivia games. We offer 3 awesome and unique trivia games so we thought it would be a great idea to put them all together!

The Evenchilada Quiz

Our most tried and true event! You can choose from mixed general knowledge or themed questions. All played on our amazing platform.

Survivor Trivia

In survivor trivia, players compete in multiple themed rounds and if you get a question wrong, you're out! You can really find out who is the ultimate trivia champ.

Quiz Bingo

Evenchilada's Quiz Bingo combines two of our most popular events into one! Each player gets their own unique bingo card where spaces are occupied by trivia answers. These can be word, picture, or gif-based. It may seem easier when you can see all the answers but you have to be fast and you have to know your stuff to win!

To experience this awesome trivia combo for your next team building event contact us or simply head to our booking page and demand our Trivia Triple Play!

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