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If laughter and fun is what you are looking for then you've found it with one of our original and most unique combos, Comedy/Art/Quiz!

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How it works!

Step 1: 

All you have to do is head to our booking page by clicking the red box in the upper righthand corner. Then select Comedy/Art/Quiz. Then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete your booking. 

Step 2: 

We will send you a personalized set of instructions for you to send to your co-workers so they can prepare for an awesome event!

Step 3:

If you're playing a virtual event, get yourself a drink and a comfy chair then log into your virtual conferencing platform of choice. If you’re in person you just need to worry about the refreshing drink and we’ll take care of everything else!

Step 4:

Enjoy the event!

What you need for virtual events:
  • A computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to our scoring platform
  • A device with a mouse or a trackpad to display your art skills
  • A tasty drink and snack

Maybe include a “Side Dish” to enhance your event!

*Please note that due to availability issues, this event is not available in some areas

Evenchilada Feature Event

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Comedy/Art/Trivia 🎭


First, our comedian performer will entertain you with a short set of their material. Don't worry, our performers are professionals and know which topics don't mesh with a corporate environment. Just sit back, relax, and get ready for some laughs!


Then more hilarity will ensue as you make fun of your colleagues for their pathetic mouse-drawing skills! It's the Evenchilada version of the classic party game, Pictionary! Our performer provides a random word, you or your colleagues will have to do their best to draw it.


Finally, finish off your event with the best quiz on the planet, Evenchilada style! 15 fun, brain-tingling general knowledge, audio/video, and signature questions, all hosted by our professional comedian performer!

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Yes, we all enjoyed the event... Derek did a great job, especially in the absence of live feedback. Everyone enjoyed the pictionary and the trivia was super fun, too!
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Comedy/Art/Trivia 🎭

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