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Are you having trouble deciding if you want to play trivia or bingo because you’ve played both games with us and love each of them equally? We have some good news for you. We’ve combined both events into one mega-event called Quiz Bingo!

With Quiz Bingo you get your own interactive bingo card. Each square corresponds to a clue that will be called by our performer instead of numbers. You will have to know the answers to get the square instead of simply relying on chance!

Like our standard (but awesome) trivia event, Quiz Bingo could be made up of general knowledge or themed questions/clues, or a mix. So you could have a round of Harry Potter, followed by general knowledge, then finish up with a Star Wars round!

Quiz Bingo is available for in-person, hybrid or virtual events. So whether you work with a remote team or are back in the office, Evenchilada’s Music Mix is a great way to enjoy some time with your co-workers outside of work hours.

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