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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequent questions

Can I have a demo of the events? 🍰
Depending on the type of event, we may be able to organise a short demo however you can see video examples of some of our events here - Trivia and Murder Mystery
Do you supply the Zoom link? 🔗
We recommend that you create the link so you can share it with your participants at your leisure, however in some occasions, depending on availability we may be able to supply the Zoom link for your event.
What video platforms can be used? 📺
We find Zoom to be the best experience for hosting virtual events! If you would prefer to use another platform let us know and we can advise if it will work for your event.
How far in advance do I need to book in my event? 🗓️
The sooner the better!! We love having plenty of time to organise the best events, but of course we are also flexible so we can certainly help if you have a last minute event to organise! 
Is there a maximum number of players for the virtual events? 👩💻
This depends on the event! All of our events are suited for different sized groups. 
How much is an event? 💸
Best to get in touch with us to get an exact price, but you can check them here:
Can I create my own event? 🛠️
Don’t see what you are looking for? Tell us! We are also looking for new ideas and open to hearing your ideas. If we think we can do it, then we will certainly try!
Will someone be available before and during my event? 🦸
Yes, during the preparation stage you will be given a number and a point of contact in which you can contact with any last minute questions on the day of your event and during the event itself.
I want to have a team building event focused on our company, to help train new recruits. Is this an option? 👩🏫
Of course, even though a lot of our events are focused on having fun, we can also provide a more serious Team Building event to suit your needs. Check out of Evenchilada Team Building Experience for this type of event.
Can I make requests for my event? 🪅
Yep, we will try our best to meet your requests.
How can I book in my event? 🕚
You can fill in our booking form here, or you can email us at [email protected], whichever works best for you.
Can I pay by credit card? 💳
Do you supply prizes? 🎁
We don’t supply prizes for events, however, we can recommend lots of great ideas, and we even have Evenchilada merch which you can add on to your event as prizes.
What are event combinations? 💎
We can combine different events into one awesome event. We have created a few for inspiration here, but you can also decide what works for you. Alternatively, one of our team can help you put together the perfect combination.
How do I become a host? 🎤
You can find all the information on becoming a host with us here. 
Can I have an event in my timezone? 🌏
Absolutely, our virtual events can be held at any time that works best for you and your team! So you have team members spread across the globe we can host at a time that works for everyone!
Do you have any reviews of the events from previous customers? ❤️
We have a whole page dedicated to the kind words from our customers, check it out here.

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