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Evenchilada Feud is a survey-based game based on the classic game show, Family Feud (AKA Family Fortunes). Our version features multiple rounds where it becomes increasingly difficult to score. After the main rounds are complete the final 2 teams play against each other in the Final Question to see who the ultimate winner is! That’s right! One of the best features of this virtual event is that, unlike Family Feud, more than 2 teams can play at a time!

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How it works!

Step 1

Head to our booking page and select Evenchilada Feud or contact one of our Event Specialists

Step 2

Ahead of the event we will send you personalized instructions regarding how Evenchilada Feud will work and what you will need. You can then email your guests the instructions to get them ready for action!

Step 3

Get the Evenchilada Feud party started! For the virtual version log in to your online conferencing platform of choice (or ours) and get ready for some survey question glory. Make sure to have something ready for note-taking and don’t forget a snack and a tasty beverage! For the in-person version, have a drink, pen and paper ready and we'll take care of everything else.

Step 4

Enjoy Evenchilada Feud!

What you need for virtual events:

• A computer with reliable internet

• Access to our scoring platform

• A tasty drink and a snack!

Maybe include a “Side Dish” to enhance your event!
Evenchilada Feature Event

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Everything you always wanted to know

Evenchilada Feud

Examples of some of our past questions include:

  • What is your most influential TV show?
  • What is the most stressful thing for 25-year-olds?
  • Name a character from Game of Thrones

There are plenty more! If there weren't, I wouldn’t have shared those examples with you!

Best of all, you’re not just playing with a computer like some of our competitors. We feature a live, entertaining game show host to help take this in-person, hybrid, or virtual event to the next level!

Evenchilada Feud is a perfect game for your back at the office or remote team to come together, mix it up, and enjoy some team building in a non-work setting. No special apps or equipment required.

This is by far the best not-quite-but-almost Family Feud-style game on the planet!

Don't forget to mix in a "side dish" of one of our other events for the most unique experience.

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Our team truly enjoyed the activity and it was nice to have a chance to meet with everyone.
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Evenchilada Feud

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Timeline for a standard event
5 minutes
Question Rounds
30 minutes
Bonus Question
10 minutes
Final Question
15 minutes
Extra Option
20 minutes
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