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Evenchilada’s murder mysteries feature one of our detectives presenting a ghastly tale of an horrific murder. They will give you everything you need to solve the crime including suspects, motives, clues, and testimony.

Our murder mysteries can be played online over the virtual conferencing platform of your choice, and are also available hybrid and in-person. For virtual events, our detectives are prepared to use Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. If you have a different conferencing preference, let us know ahead of time so we can familiarize ourselves with it. Our murder mysteries range from light gore to intense gore and also feature a spectrum of difficulty levels.

Evenchilada's murder mysteries are a great opportunity for some team building for you and your coworkers. It will give them an opportunity to work together, gauging each other’s strengths and weaknesses, to achieve a common goal. And to have tons of fun doing it!

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How it works!

Step 1

Contact one of our Event Specialists and choose one of our exciting murder mysteries. Your choices are:

The Snow Turns Red - This murder mystery takes you to a remote, snowy region of Alaska where a murderer has braved the weather to commit the ultimate deed of death! Difficulty Level - 2.5/5 Skulls. Gore Level - 3/5 Brains.

Arkham Reform School of Ghosts - Is the long-closed school really haunted from a series of murders decades ago or is it someone using that as cover? This murder mystery is no Scooby-Doo cartoon. You might not sleep for a week even if you’re able to solve this one. Difficulty - 5/5 Skulls. Gore Level - 5/5 Brains.

Murder on Mars - In this murder mystery you have greed, power struggles, and murder. The same as it ever was for humans on Mars as it has been on Earth. Who took out the venerated Captain Craven? How and why did they do it? Find out before your competitors to earn the ultimate honor. Difficulty Level - 3/5 Skulls. Gore Level - 1/5 Brains.

Murder and the Zombie Apocalypse - Someone’s twisted mind thought a zombie apocalypse was a good time to take out their enemies. Good thing you and your team are on the case to make sure they don’t get away with it! This is our original classic murder mystery! Difficulty Level - 4.5/5 Skulls. Gore Level - 4/5 Brains

The Murders of Camp Blackfoot - This murder mystery will take you back to the days of summer camp. It will also elicit memories of a few classic horror films! A murderer is on the loose at Camp Blackfoot! It’s up to you and your team to find out who it is before it's too late!  Difficulty Level - 4.5/5 Skulls. Gore Level - 3/5 Brains

Step 2

Ahead of the event we will send you personalized instructions as to how the murder mystery will work. You can then email your guests the instructions to get them ready for action!

Step 3

Get the murder mystery party started! For virtual events, log in to your online conferencing platform of choice (or ours) and get your detective hats on. Make sure to have something ready for note-taking and don’t forget a snack and a tasty beverage!

Step 4

Enjoy the murder mystery!

What you need for virtual events:

  • A computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Pen and paper or a note-taking app to take notes as directed by the Detective
  • A tasty drink and snack
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🔪 Murder Mystery

What We Offer

Evenchilada offers several virtual murder mysteries based on difficulty and amount of gory goodness to help bring you and your team of co-workers, friends, or family together for some virtual and in person sleuthing!

We have several virtual murder mysteries to unite us all in the quest to find the killer!

Play individually or as teams to figure out whodunnit. Our in-house Lead Detective will present the gruesome narrative, introduce several suspects and their possible motives for murder, then several clues that point to the dastardly killer! Next, they will send you to breakout rooms to discuss the details with your team and test your deductive skills. Guess more things correctly and you win! Just watch out for that red herring!

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Feedback from the team was great! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Alex was a great host. After this long in a pandemic and working virtually, it's great to have so many new and interesting events to choose from. We will definitely use Evenchilada again in the future.
Just Eat
The event was good fun, everyone enjoyed it! Thanks again for a smooth experience.
It was a great event--we had really good feedback and especially that the host did a great job
Global Logic
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🔪 Murder Mystery

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Timeline for a standard event
Rules Explanation
5 minutes
Scenario and Suspect Presentation
15 minutes
Players to Breakout Rooms
10 minutes
Suspect Testimonies
30 minutes
2nd Breakout Room Session
10 minutes
Presentation of Facts and Winners Announced
10 minutes
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