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Valentine's Craft Workshop

Flowers die, cards get recycled (hopefully), and candy goes right to those thighs! This year share something thoughtful that you made yourself with your loved ones.

What we offer:

  • Trash to Treasures - Inspiration Vision Boards From Trash Around The House
  • Everlasting Flower Bouquets - Creating a Beautiful Flower Bouquet With Some Flowers That Will Not Die!
  • Love That Lasts - Preserve Pieces of Your Love In Resin Mouldings As A Valentine's Gift
  • I've Been Framed! For Loving You - Decorate a Picture Frame to Gift Your Loved One (Picture Not Included)
  • Crochet My Love Away - Crochet a Valentine's Day Gift For Someone Special!
  • Valentine's Day Cards Aren't Just For Elementary School! - Create A Beautiful Handmade Card For Your Loved Ones

We also take requests if what you had in mind isn't on the list.

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